Utah Ambassadors

Amber Petty

Amber Petty is a 46 year old purple belt in Salt Lake City, Utah at Gracie Barra Sandy under Professor Duanye Bowers, who is also the love of her life and they are proud parents of four fur babies. Her journey began in 2017 when her son began training and was entranced by the art. She pursues a rewarding and challenging career in Organ and Tissue Donation at DonorConnect in Murray, Utah.  She has raised 3 children (29, 21, & 18) through the well known hardships life has to offer, but still get their quality time by training Jiu-jitsu together as a family. 

She tries to spread Jiu-Jitsu everywhere by recruiting women, her goal being to get as many women and young girls on the mat as possible and help them feel empowered and confident in both their fighting and lives. She helps with coaching kids’ classes and starting to teach classes of her own, where she can spread her own wisdom on the mat. 

Jiu-Jitsu has changed my life in significant ways. I used to be very unsure of myself and would avoid confrontations, but now feel confident and have a voice in my own life. I volunteered for the first “Girls-in-Gis” event in Utah and I was exceedingly impressed with how smooth the event flowed and the attendance. I loved seeing so many ladies come together and support each other. “Girls in Gi’s” makes that happen! I’m honored to be part of Girls in Gi’s and the art of BJJ all together.