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Girls in Gis Tennesse-Nashville Event

Are you ready Nashville? cause we’re rolling on in!

November 7, 2021
1 PM – 4 PM

Doors open at 12:30 PM. Please arrive early so you have enough time to change and be ready when the event begins at 1:00 PM.

Liberdade BJJ
618 Ewing Ave
Nashville, TN, 37203

Guest Instructors: Alex Barcelona & Nicholle Stoller

Alex Barcelona is the co-owner and Professor at Liberdade BJJ. Alex Barcelona is from Mountain View, Ca. She has been an athlete of various sports all her life, from softball to basketball to volleyball. She started training jiu jitsu in 2014 and instructing class in 2017. She is a Pan American Gi and No Gi (black belt) Champion. And 2x No Gi World Champion 2017, 2018 and 2nd place 2019.

Nicholle Stoller is the first homegrown (white to black) female black belt under Shawn Hammonds. She was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as an adult, Nicholle got into training jiu jitsu as a way to get in better health and also to help manage and appreciate her ASD quirks. Pre-plague, she travelled the world for competition events and to train in various academies – with close to 20 countries visited across 5 continents.

Her passion project is her growing ladies program that she is building from the ground up. “Jiu Jitsu training has helped me so much with my physical and mental health. I want everyone to have their best opportunity to see how it can help them!”

This event is open to women and girls of all ages and skill levels. No experience is needed. All participants must register online.