Pacific Northwest Events

Girls in Gis Washington-Vancouver Event

Let’s get ready to roll!

November 5, 2022
2 PM – 5 PM

The Base Vancouver
4707 NE Minnehaha St.
Suite #103
Vancouver, WA 98661

Guest Instructors: Amy Burnham & Sharlene Peeke

This event is open to women and girls of all ages and skill levels. No experience is needed. All participants must register online.

Instructor Bios

Sharlene Peeke is a brown belt and the women’s instructor at the base in Vancouver. She has been training jiujitsu since 2009 and got introduced to it at a muay thai gym in San Francisco. She says that she is by far almost always the smallest female in class and only did a few competitions as a white belt and stopped after tearing her ACL against a much bigger opponent in 2009 before there were rooster weight divisions. Sharlene moved to quite a few gyms in the bay and made lots of great female friends that she is still in touch with to this day and trained under Carlos Sapao til 2016 in the bay area where she earned her blue and purple belts before moving to Portland in 2016.

Sharlene began training at Portland judo/PDX BJJ and earned her jiujitsu brown belt from Andy Hung, And her San-kyu 3rd degree Judo brown belt under Roy Kawaji before the school closed down. She then moved to training at The Base Vancouver where she earned her first degree on her brown belt. Sharlene is a jiujitsu enthusiast and a fulltime RN. She has found jiu jitsu to be a great stress reliever in her life and she loves how the women’s community has grown. At age 47 Sharlene believes that as a smaller (I’m 4’11 and 102lbs) and older practitioner this will bring some value to helping others who are smaller or older and aren’t sure when they start. According to Sharlene “Its always great for all of us to see what can be done and not the obstacles.”

Amy Burnham is a 34 year old Brown Belt who trains out of The Base Vancouver under Professor Christopher Dealy. Her and her husband own and operate The Base Longview. She is a wife, and mother to three boys ages 9,11, and 14 who also train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As well as being a gym owner and instructor, she is also a licensed massage therapist who specializes in athletic injuries.

Amy’s jiu jitsu journey began in 2017 when recently separated, her brother offered to pay for a one year membership to BJJ as a way to heal. As a bonus she found love and a soulmate in her partner Ryan Hart who is also a BJJ brown belt. She began her journey at 10th Planet Portland where she received her blue belt in 2018 before transferring to The Base Vancouver to train both Gi and No Gi. Amy has competed at multiple local tournaments in every belt level to brown, as well as on several super fight shows including Submission Underground. She enjoys a mix of sport style as well as old school grit jiu jitsu.