Oklahoma Events

Girls in Gis Oklahoma-Tulsa Event

Let’s get ready to roll!

April 1, 2023
1 PM – 4 PM

Tulsa Combat Sports
4343 S Memorial Drive
Suite A
Tulsa, OK 74145

Guest Instructors: Casey Whitney & Shelby Williams

This event is open to women and girls of all ages and skill levels. No experience is needed. All participants must register online.

Instructor Bios

Casey Whitney started training jiu-jitsu in 2012 at Triton Fight Center’s women’s class with coach Summer Krause. In 2015 Casey began training under Professor Thomas Williams at Balanced Bodies/Tulsa Combat Sports. She has competed on multiple occasions in AGF and IBJJF. As a lifelong athlete, she loves what competition teaches her about herself. The process and preparation push her to be better and test her limits. According to Casey jiu-jitsu has a way of doing that for us, helping us learn about ourselves, grow, overcome adversity, and feel comfortable in our own skin whether you compete or not.

Before jiu-jitsu Casey played rugby for many years and still coaches the Tulsa Women’s team. What made her fall in love with both sports is the “come as you are” mentality. No matter your size, shape, experience, or athletic ability, we have a place for you and we want you here. She thinks this is especially important for women to have a community that makes them feel, not just accepted as they are, but capable and powerful. She is incredibly grateful to coach both jiu-jitsu and rugby and help cultivate a space that empowers women in sport.

Shelby Williams has 9 years of experience and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She started in March 2014, the day she found out her husband was to be promoted to Black Belt in Brazil. She just couldn’t let him have all the fun without her anymore. Jiu Jitsu helped her get stronger mentally and physically. It gave her an outlet to workout some mom rage as well as enjoy playing with her friends. Shelby and her Husband Thomas opened their own academy, Balanced Bodies, later that year.

Shelby has the gift of healing and has practiced Massage therapy and Yoga as Therapy for 15 years. She has kept her teammates and family on the mats through injuries and surgeries. Though she would describe herself more of a lover than a fighter, Jiu Jitsu has brought out something very primal in her. She has had the opportunity to compete and test her skill even though she’s not naturally competitive. BJJ has been a wonderful asset to her and her family and she has made lifelong friends along the way.