Georgia Events

Girls in Gis Georgia-Athens Event

Let’s get ready to roll!

April 29, 2023
1 PM – 4 PM

Straight Blast Gym Athens
240 Collins Industrial Blvd
Suite G
Athens, GA 30601

This event is open to women and girls of all ages and skill levels. No experience is needed. All participants must register online.

Instructor Bios

Kelsi Nummerdor’s martial arts journey began in 2013 when she joined a boxing club. She quickly fell in love with and transitioned to mixed-martial arts and jiu-jitsu training. Her passion for jiu-jitsu propelled her into coaching by 2017 and she has since taught women’s-only and mixed-gender jiu-jitsu classes and private lessons in Texas and Georgia. Kelsi has focused on training and coaching over the years but also has experience and success in competition settings. Kelsi encourages her students to practice jiu-jitsu more efficiently, more mindfully, and more joyfully, and she seeks to cultivate a fun and inclusive gym culture.

Viki Timian is a Black belt at SBG (Straight Blast Gym) Athens, GA. She started BJJ at 40 in 2012 and received her black belt in 2022. She has received all her belts, white to black, from Adam and Rory Singer at SBG Athens.

Her drive and interest has been to share her love of BJJ, build and contribute to a community of women in the art, and show not just them but all practitioners how capable and valuable women are. Being older, only 5 feet tall, mother of two, and a librarian (to top it all off) had her uniquely situated for the idea that ‘if she can do it, anyone can’. She launched the women’s program at SBG Athens in 2015 which has grown into a thriving group of women of every rank and several in coaching roles. For Viki Jiu JItsuu is a family affair. Her husband and both (now grown) children also train.