Florida Ambassadors

Torrie O’neil

Torrie is a purple belt under Brian Rusico, training out of Grappling Mastery in Eustis, FL. Growing up as a wrestling fan, Torrie looked for a gym to join after graduating from grad school, in 2014. After having her first wrestling class at Grappling Mastery, she stayed after for a no-gi class and quickly fell in love with jiu jitsu. In 2017, Torrie started The Mighty Dames, a female jiu jitsu community for heavyweights, focusing on health body image and body confidence. An active competitor, Torrie enjoys traveling around Florida to learn and train. Outside of BJJ, Torrie is an community and literacy advocate, working as a volunteer coordinator for an early literacy program, as well as other working with other local and women’s community organizations. “I recall attending my first GIG event as a white belt and now 4 years later, I am friends with and train regularly with several of the women I met at the event. I truly love the BJJ community and believe strongly that it can be the biggest motivator in continuing in the sport.”



Lani Stover

Lani Stover has been training since 2013, Lani has been sharing the jiu jitsu lifestyle as a current purple belt under Robson Moura.  She is also a wife, mother of two and entrepreneur, she also has a passion for helping others reach their goals.  “Life is a journey of growth, and jiu jitsu has been my guide.  Mastering the mat and life one day at a time. Let’s take this journey together!”