California Ambassadors

Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore is currently a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt in San Diego, CA.  She started training BJJ in 2015 in Phoenix, AZ.  But relocated to San Diego in 2017 specifically for the SoCal lifestyle, the weather and jiu jitsu.

Kelly was very hesitant to start training jiu jitsu despite her husband trying to convince her for months. Until one day, they were play-fighting at home, and he put her in a head and arm choke. Then he told her to escape it. Considering her experience in Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) for several years, she tried to throw elbows and knees which were completely unsuccessful.  That was it. She was determined to never let that happen again and started training BJJ the following week!

Kelly has had quite a few roles when it comes to jiu jitsu but bringing everyone together to train has been her favorite.  She started with organizing team trips to attend open mats and seminars.  And it quickly escalated to organizing jiu jitsu camps, women’s open mats, team outings, etc. So being able to work behind the scenes with Girls in Gis is a dream come true.

When asked what advise Kelly would give ladies that are just starting out in in jiu jitsu, she says, “I would tell a woman who is just starting jiu jitsu to be opened minded and just try it without fear… the warm up, the shrimping, the rolls, the drills, the techniques; just to do their best without having any fear of not doing it right or people watching them, etc. We were all the new kid in class at some point.  Ps: Have some fun! Rolling around trying to choke your friends is not considered normal. So, embrace the weirdness of it!”

Jadeya Reber

Jadeya Reber is a 16 year old blue belt under Andre and Angelica Galvao. She was born in San Diego and train at Atos jiu jitsu HQ. She has been training for almost 8 years now. She enjoys jiu jitsu because she gets to meet so many new people here and afar. Her journey began when she visited a gym with a friend from soccer. She stepped on the mats and never left. She also loves sewing  bandanas for dogs and art. She is now working as a videographer at Atos and maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  She won Kids Pans twice and runner up twice. She placed 2nd at the 2022 IBJJF Worlds.