California Ambassadors

Charlene Coats

Charlene Coats has dedicated the last 26 years of her life to martial arts. She started in Kami-Do-Ryu style karate, earned multiple states, regional and national titles, and the rank of a second-degree black belt before heading off to college. She found BJJ in 2006 (at the age of 22), after earning her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. After seven years of training six days a week, sometimes multiple times a day, and competing as often as possible, she received her black belt from Raul Castillo in 2013. From 2006 to 2016, Charlene earned over 50 Brazilian jiu-jitsu titles, including the 2012 IBJJF World Championship female brown belt middleweight title, and absolute weight bronze medalist. In 2013, before her black belt promotion, she also held the IBJJF American National brown belt gi and no-gi weight, and absolute division titles. People are often surprised that Charlene works full time as an Executive Assistant. “It is hard to believe that I have the time to train and manage the lives of two doctors and their families, but I make it work.” In 2018 Charlene relocated to San Diego, California, to pursue her dream of training with the legendary Professor Andre Galvao. After 13 years in jiu-jitsu and at 35 years old, Charlene was still hungry to learn and grow. “I saw what I wasn’t getting and decided to give it to myself. Though I had already accomplished a lot, people never saw the subpar treatment, I was receiving as a woman. Women aren’t part of the “boys club.” I now encourage women to recognize this, to not get sucked into accepting scraps because you’re part of the minority group. Thankfully the coaches and team at Atos HQ lift everyone equally. I admire their commitment to excellence in ALL they do on and off the mats.” Charlene is still currently training under Professor Galvao at Atos HQ. “Jiu-jitsu is not easy. It will test you mentally and physically. Jiu-jitsu will break you down before it builds you back up, but what it makes you is so much more than what you would have ever become without it. I believe that all women should train even if for nothing more than self-defense. Every mother, daughter, sister, and friend should give this to themselves and each other in this world. Thankfully there are many women’s jiu-jitsu programs now, so the opportunity is there; be the example!”