Meet the Host GIGTX Arlington: Yas Soto

Girls in Gis would not be what it is today if not for the girls that contribute to it’s success. Among the many girls that helped to mold GIG into what it is today is Yas Soto. Yas has been an active participant at GIG for over five years. We are honored to have her hosting for the first time ever.

Yas is a brown belt at Aloisio Silva Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Arlington TX, a family-owned business that her, her husband and a friend started together. Where she currently teaches and trains. We had a chance to catch up with Yas before the event to discuss her experience on the mats and what she has instore for our girls in gis in Texas this weekend. It’s an event we are very exited about and you should be too!

yasHow long have you been training BJJ?

I started training June 2007. My boys and husband started a couple a years back before I did,I started training after my daughter was old enough.

What is your favorite part of BJJ? 

My favorite part of BJJ is being an instructor. The fact that you never stop learning and that I can also pass on my knowledge of 8 years of training to my students.

yas4Do you think it’s important for females to train together? Why?

Yes it’s important, I started training Bjj when the majority of the students where male. With being new to Bjj when rolling with males you have to be more on the defense and not really able to use your technique until you have been training for some time, I think with women training together you are able to use more technique and not much strength so you can use your moves while rolling and your move won’t get shut down because of strength.

We are excited to have you be our host instructor. What do you have planned for the girls?

We are going to work on some of my favorite technique that works great for me. We are going be passing from half guard to our north south choke and a paper cutter!

yas3When did you go to your first Girls in Gis event? 

My first girls in Gi was the first one ever in Dallas in 2009.

What it has been like to see the community of females grow from when you started to now?

It has been great to see the community of females grow. Before you had very minimal at tournaments or schools now it’s wonderful to see all these females training I think this sport is going to continue to grow with more female. GIG has had a part in it because it encourages more women and they can see how big Jiu Jitsu has gotten. I think if a mom that has a daughter that trains and has brought them to a GIG, seeing a bigger amount of girls training  may push her to get on the mats and join just because of seeing the growth of all the females on the mat.


Join us this Sunday March 22, 2015 at GIGTX-Arlington. Info & register at:

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