Tips to Surviving Without Jiu Jitsu During Quarantine

COVID-19 is here, and we’re all trapped inside.  

Almost all BJJ events have been canceled or postponed (ours included), and most schools have shut down.  We’re all in this boat together. So here are some tips on how to mentally get through this. Exercise, staying connected, BJJ videos, and other activities


Make sure to still get exercise.  It can be easy to get complacent. We are creatures of habit.  When our normal outlet for physical activity is taken away, we aren’t always the best about finding a replacement.  Exercise is incredibly important. Especially during stressful times, we need those endorphins and that stress relief.

Start off by making yourself a realistic plan and then keep to it.

If you are dusting off your weights, keep it light.  Don’t go overboard and then be too sore and unmotivated to repeat the exercises. Remember, kettle bell swings have great carry over to BJJ.

If you start running,  start with shorter distances and slower paces, gradually increasing speed and distance. Variety is also a great idea.  Choose a day to do sprints, and a day to do more endurance. Your cardio will thank you. If you aren’t normally a runner, you have to pay attention to your knees! Stay out of crowded areas for your health and the health of others.

Yoga, there are tons of yoga videos out there.  Even yoga for bjj! Take this time to improve flexibility.

Body weight exercises are great and require little space or gear.  Air squats, Lunges, push-ups and abs! Make a plan and keep to it. A small circuit of 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 sit ups, 10 rocket launchers, 5 push ups, 1 minutes plank with a chosen number of times to repeat is a great option.  Choose your music and get going!

Stay Connected

Social Distancing is meant for physical distancing between people.  Don’t truly distance yourself from people emotionally and socially. Use the technology we have at hand, EX: the internet and your phone! You just have to make that extra effort. Again, we are creatures of habit and having lost our normal source of social interaction, we may simply stay lonely.

Call or Text that friend or family member you haven’t talked to in some time.  Have one on one conversations with them. See how their day has been. See how they’re dealing with things, or if they need help.  Be the one who takes the initiative to reach out. It can be difficult, and many of us have the mindset of not wanting to bother each other.  This is the time to bother each other! We will all be thankful in the end.

Directly contact people. Go beyond just posting on your social media accounts, and scanning your feed hitting “like”. Comment on their stuff. Get Conversations going. 

Post on your BJJ team page.  Share silly things, talk about your day, tag people, and start conversations.  Start group chats. There are tons of messaging apps! Slack, FB, What’s App, Instagram, the list goes on.

Watch a movie or show together virtually.  Westworld 3 just came out, if you need a good sci-fi suggestion! Perhaps sillier options are better..  The type you can talk over. You can talk on the phone, text, or use apps like Discord to share the experience. That leads us to the online gaming options.  They’re a great option!

BJJ Videos

Whether or not you have the space (and partner) to actually drill at this time, studying technique can be useful.  You can sharpen your mind, and help satiate that need to learn.

We’ve compiled some free options below for you to use:

It would be silly not to mention the Girls in Gis youtube channel, with a back catalog of technique from tons of our instructors, and more to come:

Think Jiu Jitsu: (Youtube Instructionals)

Bernardo Faria II is offering a free instructional at www.BJJFANATICS.COM with code: “FARIAFREE” but he also has a youtube channel!

Free Solo Training Drills by John Danaher:

Free Videos under technique tab:

Popular Chanel with technique and discussions:

Free technique with a more no-gi focus:

Grapplers Guide

Keenan Cornelius:

.BJJ Hacks

There is more to life than BJJ

Remember all your other options.  Spend more time with your pets. Do a puzzle, read a book. You’ll be surprised how much free time you find when you can no longer train.  Don’t let this get you down. Take advantage of it. This may be the time to reorganize your closet or clean out your garage. Set up a little corner of your home for crafts!  Try new cooking recipes.

About the Author:

Ketra Bartek

Guest writer

Ketra Bartek AKA the Cuddly Killer is a brown belt based out of Austin Texas. She loves to aggressively cuddle for fun and competition. Her favorite way to relax after training is snuggling her dogs while finding cute pet videos to inundate her friends.

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