Three Tips On How to Set and Keep New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again!

The time of flocking to gyms, starting a martial art, and downloading macro tracking apps. Yet as exciting as New Year’s resolutions can be, they’re also scary, because about 80% of people don’t complete NY resolutions. And after meeting your goal, you have to think about maintenance or improvement.

So how can you be one of the few to achieve and improve on NY resolutions?


  • Goals must be challenging – it’s been proven that tougher goals mean increased value in achievements, just like playing hard mode on video games.
  • The goal must be difficult, but attainable. If the goal is too easy it has no value, but if it’s too hard you’ll probably stop trying.
  • You have to set guidelines. “I want to lose weight” is vague.  “I want to lose X lbs by Y date” gives you a timeline to stay on track.


For instance if you’re trying to lose weight but have a habit of eating out, instead start mini, healthy habits like cooking meals 3 times a week. Have trouble getting into the gym? Set a schedule and stick to it, instead of exercising when you “find the time.”  Then add more healthy habits as you go.


Lack of motivation will hit you like a brick wall, and probably when you least expect it. This is something we ALL struggle with, including me.

When you have a bad day, you gained 3 lbs, it’s raining out, or you performed poorly in your Jiu Jitsu practice, the motivation train seems like it’s nowhere to be found. Have people help you and keep you accountable. It helps a lot if they’re directly involved, like a personal trainer, or getting one of your friends to make sure you come to practice.


While it’s great to have people motivate you, when everything else falls apart you need to be able to dig up that iron will, whether you feel like it or not. Personal motivation can be hard to have, but if a bad day hits you and your supporters are busy, you must keep trying anyways. The only way you stop making progress towards your goal is if you give up.

Even if you back track, even if you take a bit of a break, even if you don’t feel like you’re making progress, the only way to lose to the challenge you set for yourself is to give up.

NEVER stop chasing your goal. You can change the amount, the deadline, the approach, to fit your needs. But don’t make excuses for yourself. Set those goals, get someone to help you, forgive yourself during mistakes, push yourself, and make something GREAT out of this year!

Fleur Wayman

Contributing writer

Fleur is a blue belt from Kaizen MMA  in Virginia. She is currently working on her Massage Therapy License before getting a degree in Kinesiology, and ultimately plans to own her own Jiujitsu academy when she becomes a black belt with her fiancé who is aiming to be a professional MMA fighter. After achieving these goals, the two of them plan to start a fitness industry based around aiding individuals in all aspects of health.

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