The Further I Go, The More I Want to Keep Moving

There are many rising stars coming out of the Lone Star state. Among them are brown belt Chelsah’ Lyons of Marcelo Garcia Dallas. Chelsah’ is on the fast track to making a name for herself with in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community. Since her start in 2010 she has been collecting medals left and right. She is the 2013 IBJJF NoGi World Champion, 2014 IBJJF NoGi PanAm Champion, 2015 IBJJF World Bronze, 2015 IBJJF NoGi Silver and 3 for 3 Fight to Win Pro Victories (Gi & NoGi). Chelsah’ began her jiu jitsu journey with the intentions of becoming a cage fighter with a focus mainly on Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Judo. She says she thought she would build a base around Muay Thai, but less than a year in and she says her heart belonged to jiu jitsu.

Chelsah’ fully subscribes to the Girls in Gis ideology.  Chelsah’ believes that “Jiu Jitsu surpasses you being big, small, man, woman, strong, flexible.” Chelsah’ contributes a sense of empowerment to her training, and the time she has spent on the mats. “The deeper I go into Jiu Jitsu, the more dynamic I want to be…the further I go, the more I want to keep moving just to gain positional awareness  & see how many submissions I can “fall” into.”

For most of us, finding a home in our gym- and a family with our training partners-creates a newfound confidence that contributes to our growth. For Chelsah’, she found that in MG-Dallas.

“Once I found MG Dallas, I really fell in love with the Marcelo Garcia ways of Jiu Jitsu. I believe in the mindset, the teachings, techniques, and that finesse. I believe in my coach Rob Ables. It’s really been a game changer & balance for this aggressive practitioner.  I’d have to say the biggest development I’ve noticed is that I’m truly understanding technique these days, while still feeling my way thru.”

On March 26th Chelsah’ and MG-Dallas hosted Girls in Gis Texas-Dallas. Chelsah’ and MG-Dallas contributed to this event in more than just a place to roll. “Females in Jiu Jitsu are on the rise. We’re increasing in numbers, abilities, accomplishments, and pay-outs.” Chelsah’ contributes the growth of women in the sport to several different factors. “Thanks to Fight to Win and #teamnosleep…There’s a generation (referring to belts, not age) of kick ass females leading the way for an increased number of practitioners & competitors coming up right behind them.  I’m excited to be a part of the success that is Jiu Jitsu.”

For those that are just starting, or thinking about starting, Chelsah’ offers some words of wisdom.  “Enjoy every minute you’re on the mat. Whatever you think your goals are in BJJ right now will probably shape and shift many times on your journey.  Just let it envelope you & enjoy it.”


audeeAudee Salinas

Girls in Gis staff writer

“Ariana is an teacher out of Austin, Texas. She loves coffee, wearing skirts, and trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out of Gracie Humaita- Austin”


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