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Jaidyn Mueller is fresh. She is a fresh-faced 19 year-old purple belt whose grappling game is loaded with fresh jiu jitsu moves.

I met Jaidyn on the mats at Katharo Training Center in her hometown of Littleton, Colorado when she was a 12-year-old girl. Back then she sported an awesome mohawk that matched her dad’s mohawk, and she had dreams of becoming a professional mixed martial artist.

Over the years, her dreams have shifted, but her fighting spirit is still intact as she consistently trains hard and competes in jiu jitsu tournaments. Before I impress you with Jaidyn’s current goals and training regiment, let’s go back and learn about her past.

Jaidyn started training when she was 11 years old, but she’s been a martial artist even longer. She began martial arts when she was a 4-year-old tot. She studied Taekwondo, Hawaiian kempo, judo, wrestling and Muay Thai. 

“I wanted to try different sports, so I found taekwondo,” she said. “Once I accomplished certain goals in these sports, I moved along through different martial arts.”

Jaidyn said it was her karate school that instilled a work ethic in her that taught her that she must work hard to accomplish her goals.

Jaidyn’s parents also helped her attain her goals by taking her to practice after practice. Her father, David, once told me that having an only child was awesome because he was able to focus on that one kid and make her vision turn into a reality.  

Even though I moved away from Colorado, I kept my eye on her knowing she would continue to impress me.  Right out of high school, Jaidyn made her dreams a reality by having jiu jitsu as her job. She was able to travel and compete in jiu jitsu tournaments while working for Fight 2 Win Promotions

“I wanted to work for Fight 2 Win for a long time. Over the years, I got to know the crew and Seth (Daniels) asked me my senior year if I wanted to work for them,” Jaidyn explained. “It was a really fun experience to get to know the highest level athletes and I’m very grateful for that time (from June 2019 to March 2020). I was able to compete every couple of weeks and see a lot of different styles of competitors.”

When Jaidyn worked for Fight to Win, she traveled on the weekends and returned to training at Katharo, The Kompound or Easton’s in Littleton,the rest of the week.

“I lost a F2W title fight that I should’ve won. I just thought things weren’t working for me, and I wanted to see who could bring me to the next level,” she said. 

Five months ago, Jaidyn bumped her training up a notch when she made a big move to New Jersey to train under Tom DeBlass at Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

“Tom has really taken me under his wing, and we’ll accomplish really great things together,” said Jaidyn.

Her current goal is to be an ADCC champion.

Jaidyn met DeBlass in 2019 and liked what she saw. She and her friend, Cameron Mellott (who she knew from Easton Training Center), moved to New Jersey together, to train under DeBlass to have the best jiu jitsu knowledge at their fingertips. Jaidyn teaches kids’ classes at the gym, but is in the process of looking for a job to fill her morning hours with

A typical day for Jaidyn involves having coffee, getting things done around the house, and then heading to the gym at 3:30 to teach kids’ class. That is usually followed up with jiu jitsu training for an hour, lifting for an hour, and then heading home to make dinner.

“I train and lift every day-usually at night,” Jaidyn stated. “Sometimes we’ll have an open mat or I’ll do private lessons with Tom.” Jaidyn has always been a competitor, but she said things became a lot more serious once she moved to New Jersey, where she is focusing on her diet and lifting weights. 

“It’s been incredible to see how far I’ve come in just four months,” Jaidyn said. “I won silver at No-Gi Pans just a few months ago.”

As for her work ethic, Jaidyn said it’s something she gets from her parents. Her parents used to own a popular food truck in Denver called Pink Tank, and it was a family business that Jaidyn, along with her mother and father, all worked at together.

“If you want something, you have to work for it. I’m motivated to go after what I want,” she said. “I’ll work for my goals. You have to outwork everybody and keep grinding.”

And I do believe that Jaidyn will accomplish her goal of being ADCC champion. And when she’s older, she can follow her dreams of traveling the world and owning her own jiu jitsu academy.




Mindy Yager

Staff Writer

Mindy Yager is co-owner of Select Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Waco, TX, where she is a brown belt. She has a degree in journalism from Baylor University, where she also teaches self-defense courses in the Health, Human Performance and Recreation department. Mindy is a mom to two boys, Abram and Hawk, and is married to Lance Yager. You can follow her on Instagram @jiujitsumindy or on Facebook as Mindy Poehl Yager



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  • Jody Wayman

    Jaidyn is a remarkable young woman with a big heart and with determination and dedication to make her dreams come true! She blows me away!❤️