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Do you want to increase energy, become stronger, sleep better, decrease muscle soreness, and improve your jiu jitsu performance?

Enter Natalie Boss. . . . She helps athletes improve their mental and physical performance. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, Performance Coach, and a Breathwork facilitator. She owns BodyByBoss, LLC and has coached dozens of women in her performance lifestyle coaching program, The Performance Blueprint, over the past year.

Boss, nicknamed Nattie, is a 27-year-old jiu jitsu and judo brown belt from Philly. She co-owns Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Philadelphia with her boyfriend, John Disimone.
Boss embarked on her martial arts journey, in taekwondo, when she was just seven years old.

“I needed to learn how to defend myself, as I grew up in a rough inner city neighborhood in Philadelphia,” she explained.

She earned her black belt in taekwondo and competed at the highest levels before she transitioned to judo and jiu jitsu in 2010. Not only does Boss find that jiu jitsu is the most realistic approach to self-defense, but she loves the way it mentally pushes her.

“There has been nothing that has challenged my indomitable will more than jiu jitsu. It’s constantly forcing me to step outside my comfort zone,” she explained. “There is no hiding who you are in jiu jitsu and that’s what I love about it.”

Boss’s wellness journey began at an early age, too, just like her martial arts career.

“I really developed a strong love for nutrition in high school and decided to do that as a career when I applied for colleges,” Boss said.

She attended West Chester University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics. While in college, in 2011, she simultaneously became a holistic health coach through a program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Upon graduation at WCU, Boss completed her dietetic internship and passed the National Registration Exam in 2016. She then worked at Virtua Hospital in New Jersey as a Clinical Dietitian. And that brings us to 2018, when she opened her private practice, BodyByBoss, which is what she does today- coaching jiu jitsu females to optimize energy, recovery, endurance and performance by using science!

“The root of this brand is to encourage a holistic approach to healing and optimizing your physical and mental body,” Boss explained.

And she chose to help jiujiteiras because jiu jitsu is a combination of her three: fitness, nutrition and sports.

“All three have brought me self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and an overall better relationship with myself and with my body,” said Boss. “Through jiu jitsu, I’ve healed an eating disorder, learned the importance of recovery, and have overcome many limiting beliefs and mental blocks.”

Boss said when people hear she is a dietitian, they automatically think that nutrition is her sole focus. Although it’s a huge focus and passion of hers, there are more pieces to the puzzle, when it comes to performance optimization.

“Optimal performance, to me, is a culmination of having six pillars in balance: nutrition, training, mindset, self-care, recovery, and sleep,” Boss stated. “If there was a bottom line to every single thing I teach, it would be: BALANCE. Life is about balance. When anything is out of alignment to that balance, there will be signs that manifest, alerting you that things are out of whack and that you need to change focus to get back into that balance.”

In her lifestyle coaching program, the Performance Blueprint, it’s Boss’s mission to guide her students through a step-by-step system to educate them on this new perspective of performance. Boss loves coaching, and when someone joins BodyByBoss, Nattie makes sure she resonates with her clients and sets boundaries that they are able to follow.

“In my program specifically, I provide ample amounts of accountability because it is so important when making lifestyle changes,” she explained.

Some of the ways in which accountability is reinforced are: messaging, private group support, weekly group calls, weekly check-in forms and accountability partners. Most of all, Boss loves what she does, and that enthusiasm shines through to her clients. She said she is always re-connecting with her why so that she never loses sight of what got her started in the first place.

“My main goal for others is (and always will be) to help them become the boss of their life by taking radical responsibility and complete ownership in every area of their life – so they can be the most empowered version of themselves and live a life that they are truly proud of and fulfilled by.



Mindy Yager
Girls in Gis writer
Mindy Yager and her husband, Lance Yager, own Select Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Waco, Texas. Mindy is a purple belt who also teaches self defense classes for course credit at Baylor University. Her young sons, Abram and Hawk, have been training jiu jitsu since in the womb. Mindy has a degree in journalism from Baylor University.


Nattie’s next session of her coaching program, The Performance Blueprint, will start in April. The link to learn more about the program details, to complete an application and read past student transformation stories can be found here:
Her 30 minute signature #HIIT4BJJ workout program designed to help improve explosiveness and athleticism for jiu jitsu can be found here:
She also runs the performance-focused FB group for female grapplers only called the Women’s Grappling Society For Optimizing Nutrition, Recovery + Performance; the link to join is:
She runs a FREE 14-day challenge group to push physical and mental limits every month; that link to join can be found here:

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