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É Nois Clothing is more than a clothing company. Based in Los Angeles, California they are craftsmen who pride themselves on unique design, and creating their own pieces. But great product aside- they are truly working to making Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the people.

The campaign #BUYONEGIVEONE was the brainchild and partnership between long time friends David Melick and Stephen Crissman. Even though life took them on different paths- they quickly found that they had maintained similar interests and were both active in the jiu jitsu community. Stephen and his wife Jennifer are co- owners- along with David- of E Nois Clothing, and have set a hefty goal for themselves. “Our goal is to donate 10,000 gis a year to programs in need (around the world).  We also want to “encourage” BJJ gyms to open their doors to people who cannot afford hundreds of dollars a month in fees (which most of the world’s population cannot afford to train at the prices most gyms charge today).” The plan to achieve this goal is to have the #buyonegiveone campaign “at least 4x (hopefully more) a year.”

É Nois clothing pairs up with different gyms and programs to help make jiu jitsu accessible to all.  “Our mission has always been to bring Jiu Jitsu to all walks of life.  Everyone gets to train.  Whether it be a difference of race, religion, sexuality or gender, everyone should feel welcome to be part of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community, that is our ultimate company mission.  We are really happy to have this opportunity to reach out to a particularly important but often overlooked segment of the community and keep doing what we can “For The Next Generation.” Each campaign receives its own gi that appeals to both men and women.

Recently, they paired up with Girls in Gis for their Next Generation 3 release.  For every gi bought they will donate a gi to the Girls in Gis scholarship program.  The GIG scholarship program provides assistance to females that want to train.

“Frankly, anyone who wants to train should have access to quality mats, quality instruction, and quality gis regardless of their economic situation, skin color, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. – BJJ, and Martial Arts in general, should be for EVERYONE,” and É Nois is working to make that possible.

Support the  Nois Clothing company “Next Generation Gi #3” and Girls in Gis Scholarship program



audeeAudee Salinas

Girls in Gis staff writer

“Ariana is an teacher out of Austin, Texas. She loves coffee, wearing skirts, and trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out of Gracie Humaita- Austin”



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