Meet the Host of Girls in Gis Texas Abilene: Christy Ludwick

christy3Girls in Gis is kicking off 2016 in Abilene Texas. We had a chance to catch up with our host, Christy Ludwick, and see what she has in store for this event. Christy is a purple belt at  Zombie BJJ in Abilene Texas. She has been training for five years and within those five years has been an collecting medals left and right. She has driving hundreds of miles to participate in numerous Girls in Gis events and it only seemed fitting that she host the first event of 2016. When she’s not on the mats Christy is an assistant Controller (accountant) at Ingram Concrete in Brownwood TX. She loves to play outside; hiking, kayaking, camping, and cycle. She was the first one in her household to catch the Jiu-Jitsu bug. It took two years of convincing to get her husband on the mats. That was three years ago. Since then they both have enjoyed training and competing together. We are very excited to have Christy hosting and look forward to what she has in store for us.


What motivated you to begin your Jiu-Jitsu journey? What has kept you motivated?

I was motivated by my Kung Fu/Bootcamp instructor who was teaching BJJ at the academy.  He was training under Gracie Humaita in Austin.  I stay motivated by the vast amount of learning there is to Jiu Jitsu.  It never ends and I love the challenge and the amazing people I’ve met and will meet.

What made you start competing? What do you get from competing? 

I have always been a competitor.  It’s just in my nature. I learn from it, win or lose.  I learn what I need to work on; also what I have successfully accomplished; and I’ve learned humility.

Do you think it is a crucial part of one’s journey? 

It depends on the person, for me it is crucial.  But I don’t think it’s for everyone.  My husband is not big on competing; but he does once or twice a year.


christyWhat benefits do you think BJJ brings to females? Why would you recommend BJJ to newcomers?

 I think the greatest benefit is building self confidence; through self defense and the feeling that women can defend themselves if necessary.    I would definitely recommend BJJ to newcomers because of this specific benefit, but it also awesome in building a physical fitness and nutrition awareness.

Do you have any female only classes at your academy or opportunities to train with just women? Is this beneficial? 

We do not currently have a female only class, but there are women who I get the opportunity to train with.  It is something we think about as new and more women join.  I am not partial to women classes only at the academy.  However, I do believe it would be a great way to introduce new women.  It is intimidating for some to come in and start their training with a class full of men.

christy2You will be our host for the first time, what will do you have in store for us?

I am a little nervous but we will have a fun!  I will introduce a couple of techniques; we will have a couple of games with winner prizes; and some great fellowship


Join the fun Jan. 31st in Abilene. Registration and info:

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