Meet the Host Girls in Gis Colorado Denver-Ashley Bilak

ashley2On April 24th Girls in Gis Colorado will host an event at Alchemy Combat Club located at 719 Mariposa St suite B301 in Denver Colorado. The event will begin at 12:00 pm sharp and run until 3:00pm. All ages, skill levels and females from all affiliations are welcome to participate. There is no experience required. So if you have a loved one that has been wanting to explore Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here is an amazing opportunity. Alchemy Combat Club is an affiliate of Dark Horse BJJ. Purple belt Ashley Bilak of Dark Horse BJJ will be hosting this event with the assistance of Tina Wu & Jennifer Lambert Davis. We had a chance to chat with Ashley and get to know her a little better before the event. She is a woman of courage and determination. We are honored to have her hosting this event.

Ashley has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) since 2012. She began her journey because she wanted to do something fun to stay in shape, and as a woman, the self-defense aspect of martial arts always appealed to her. She immediately fell in love after her first class and eight months into it she began competing. She has stayed busy ever since.

ashley1For Ashley BJJ is not just an outlet for herself, but a way to spend quality time with her boyfriend who is also a purple belt at Dark Horse BJJ. Her goal is to someday win a major championship and that day isn’t too far off from what we have seen of Ashley in the tournament scene. When she is not on the mats tearing it up Ashley is working her magic as a hairstylist at Shear NV Salon in Loveland, Colorado. When she has spare time she enjoys spending it outside. She enjoys walking her dogs, hiking, camping and gardening.

Ashley made a huge leap of faith and life changing decision to chase her dream of furthering her BJJ training. It was a very hard decision  to choose to leave home and start out on her own in Colorado to get better training. She moved far away from my family back in Alaska to Colorado to make this happen. She moved to a place she didn’t know anyone and had to start over.  But her efforts proved to be fruitful as she has made many new friends and has found a family support system in her team and the BJJ community.

ashley3According to  Ashley, “BJJ brings a lot of benefits to females. It helps you to stay in shape, teaches you how to defend yourself against a bigger, stronger person, and helps to build confidence. I recommend BJJ to newcomers because whether your goal is to take a few classes or become a major competitor, you will have a lot of fun and make great friends.”

Sometimes you just have to take a risk and the reward will be greater than you ever imagined.

Join us for this event. Registration and information can be found at:

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