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tearaNext stop for our Girls in Gis Midwest chapter is Stillwater Oklahoma. We caught up with our host Teara Lewis to get to know her better and see what she has on the agenda for us girls. Teara is a blue belt out of Elite Combat Systems in Stillwater Oklahoma. She has been training just over two years. When Teara isn’t tearing it up on the mats she is busy as a full time student. She is majoring in mathematics and chemistry. She is also a single parent. We want to thank Teara for taking time out of her busy schedule to host this event.  Read more about Teara’s journey and what she hopes to share with us this weekend.

teara2What interested you most about BJJ when you started? Competing, fitness, self defense?

The main reason why I started martial arts was to lose weight and to compete.

Has BJJ changed your life? how so?

Bjj has changed my life. Im more motivated with pursuit of my goals outside of the gym.

teara1How often do you get to train with females your size and skill level? Are there benefits training with females? If so what?

Its very rare that I get to train with females at all. I have to travel. I do think there are some benefits to training with females. Girls tend to be naturally mire technical because we cant rely on strength.  I think as a competitor there needs to be a balance and train with men and women.

This is your first time hosting a GIG event. What do you hope participants will walk away with from this event?  

I hope that the girls will leave with confidence. I obviously want them to learn something, but martial arts can be nerv racking and scary especially if your just surrounded by men.

Join us this weekend by registering online at:

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