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I consider my two crock pots to be one of the most important tools in my jiu jitsu game. Yes, my crock pots, sounds a bit far fetched, I know.

As a wife and mother of two boys and many more acquired stray kids I lean on my crock pot very much. As a woman I feel our minds are always 14 steps ahead of us all the time. We can be sitting in meetings at work and thinking things like Tommy needs lunch money, the cat needs a vet visit scheduled, Susie has a huge school project coming up and needs supplies and so on and so forth.

gigblogBut things change once you get to class, you can’t be thinking of what you are going to make for dinner when you are sitting in someone’s guard. Trust me. I said hello to many a scissor sweep while trying to think of if I had green beans at home or wondering if I needed to run to the store.

So I decided to up my jiu jitsu game and started planning crock pot meals.

My gym is a 45 minute drive to and from for me. Feeding my family assuages my guilt for leaving them while I go roll around and do involuntary yoga with my team. I know I am bettering myself physically and mentally, but I still feel guilty because I have so much fun doing jiu jitsu. Even on days that they come with me, at least I know I have a healthier option waiting at home rather than a drive-thru fast food place. Plus I can feed my family for about $5-6 per meal which leaves me more money to get another gi. And who doesn’t like multiple gi options?

gigblog1I try to prep meals once a week. My favorite recipes are the make and freeze meals that way all the work is done and I just throw it in and “Set it and forget it!” And I don’t have to worry about multiple pots and pans to wash when I get home from leaving everything on the mat. The more worries or tasks I can get rid of in my mind, the better my triangles and arm bars will be. At least that is what I tell myself.

If you don’t have a crockpot, there are wonderful crockpots available. I have worn out two since I started jiu jitsu. In this day and age, the internet is so wonderful! So many places to find recipes and so easy with accessible ingredients. I’ve heard Pintrest is wonderful but I stay far away from that site, because I don’t think I could ever leave once I got started!

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gigblog2Kim Morris

Girls in Gis Writer

Kim Morris is a 4 stripe white belt with Combative Sport Center in Manhattan, Kan., under Joe Wilk. She has been practicing jiu jitsu since November of 2013. She is a wife of 21 years and a mom of two boys, ages 19 and 10.

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2 thoughts on “If Mama Ain’t Happy Ain’t No One Happy

  • Allison

    Great post, Kim! I too rely on my crock pot quite a bit. For anyone who has a Kindle (or something similar), there are tons of free crock pot recipe books available. I also recommend Pinterest. Have found some great Italian and Mexican food recipes that my little family loves!