Girls in Gis Texas Laredo Recap & Photos

gigtx laredo1On October 18th, 2015 Girls in Gis held it’s first event in Laredo Texas. Around sixty females of all ages, skill levels and from affiliations all across Texas came together to share this experience. The event was held at Presa BJJ Laredo in Laredo Texas and let by Vanessa Equigua-Reyes and surprise guest multiple time world champion black belt Gezary Matuda thanks to Presa BJJ Laredo. This was an event that will be cherished by many in the years to come. The unique opportunity to have a champion like Gezary in the room with you is something that many of the girls had never experienced before.

gigtx laredo4Gezary Matuda a BJJ black belt and Vanessa Equigua, BJJ purple belt was the host of Girls in Gis, which was held at Presa BJJ in Laredo. Warms up consisted of an armbar, triangle and omoplata drill. Gezary then focused on adding extra details to the armbar. Next  Gezary showed a spider guard pass which transitioned to knee on belly and from there finished with an armbar. Gezary pulled off this very sequence at Metamoris. It was a good sequence of techniques which everyone could do from all levels. After the participants drilled the techniques, they paired up for some rolling!

Gezary then had a contest for best submission, best pass, and best sweep. Each person paired up with a partner and showed off their finest technique and even the kids actively participated, demonstrating some excellent submissions and sweeps.

Best submission went to Bianca Velasquez with a leg lock. Best sweep went to Aracelli Bautista Best guard pass went to Dina Martinez.

gigtx laredo2The theme of the celebration was to bring awareness to breast cancer. Presa BJJ Laredo gave each participant a tee shirt that said Roll for Boobies and a bag. There was also a breast cancer awareness selfie photo frame and props that were a hit with participants of all ages. It was a great event, bringing out a lot of newcomers to Girls in Gis and there were several women brand new to jiu jitsu. The ladies enjoyed meeting new friends and learning the details to some of the basic and very effective submissions.

gigtx laredo3It was a day for sisters, mothers and daughters, friends and new friends. Sisters like Roselyn and Brianna Hernandez got to share in this amazing experience. Laura Heiman and her daughter Danielle made memories that will last a life time. Fun was had by all and Gezary was an inspiration. Vanessa was a host that went above and beyond to make sure fun was had by all. This event could not be possible if not for the support of Presa BJJ Laredo, Vanessa, Gezary and Lana. Thank you for all your hard work in making this a great event. Thank you to our sponsors Bring it for your generosity and awesome giveaways. Thank you all for joining us for this event and we will see you next time!

 Check out these photos from the event:




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