Girls in Gis Texas Keller Recap & Photo

keller2On August 30, 2015 seventy one girls from over 20 different academies came together at Roberto Kaelin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo for the largest Girls in Gis events in the Keller, Texas. It was a day shared between sisters, mothers and daughters and friends from all over the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Host and guest instructor black belt Tracy D’ Arcy enthusiastically shared her passion and wisdom. For some girls this was the first time ever to train with this many women and it was a milestone in their Jiu-Jistu journey. A new chapter for them as new friendships where foraged.

The event began with a warm up, but this was no ordinary warm up because it was led by eight year old Sophia. The youngest girl to ever co-host a Girls in Gis event. Sophia confidently led females of all ages and skill levels through a warm up. This was an amazing opportunity to exhibit our togetherness, unity and proving that everyone can play a part and make a contribution.

keller3Tracy’s guard passes where perfect for girls of all levels. Her open guard series of technique was dynamic and effective. Among the many treats for this event was that among the seventy-one participants three other black belts where a part of this event assisting and sharing their passion for the art. It was a treat for all to be able to share the experience with so many talent females.

It’s not a party unless with out prizes. All participants where given WBJJF patches for participation. Deborah White won a WBJJF shirt and Katie Strite a WBJJF rash guard. Big thanks to WBJJF for their generosity.

kellerIn the past six years Girls in Gis has rapidly grown and if not for the contribution of the the entire community it would not be the program that is today. The togetherness, unity and sisterhood is what has made Girls in Gis special. If anything this event proved that each and everyone has something to contribution. There is no greater experience than sharing your passion with seventy-one females and finding strength in solidarity.

Big thanks to Tracy D’Arcy, Sophia, Roberto Kaelin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo and WBJJF. Thank you to Tara and Kim for taking photos. Check these awesome photos:


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