Girls in Gis Texas Katy Recap & Photos

gigkatyFebruary 28th was a day Girls in Gis made history with the largest number of women on the mats at the same time. 225 females combine in Texas and Oklahoma shared the mats at two Girls in Gis events. When you think back to just six in a half years ago when Girls in Gis started did you ever think we would be where we are now…absolutely!! And this is just the beginning!!! BJJ will inevitably continue to grow and at an exponential rate as it has been doing so for the past 5 years.

Girls in Gis Texas Katy was held at Revolution Dojo and hosted by Veronica Mota-Messina. Sixty-five females from all across the lone star state came together to share their love for Jiu-Jitsu and encourage new participants as they took their first step. It was a day for sisterhood and triangles galore.

Veronica is an avid competitor and has had much success at it. She has an arsenal of killer moves that has brought her to the top of the podium in both BJJ and Judo. The warm up and drills included some of her Judo skills. Focusing on Judo throws. Perhaps an area that most women will agree they need to work on. She also shared with us some of her favorite BJJ transitions and submissions that she has successfully executed many times in competition.

After instruction it was time for some rolls and some challenges. There is no greater joy than seeing a room full of smiling faces as they try to choke and manipulate each others joints. Now if that doesn’t forge true friendship, I don’t know what does. No one was safe from the BJJ love going around. Not even the newcomers who were thrown into the mix. There is no other way to learn than to just jump right in and no better place to do that then Girls in Gis.

agigkaty2None of this would have been possible if not for the hospitality of Revolution Dojo and Veronica. Thank you for opening your doors and supporting females in BJJ. Thank you to everyone that came out to be a part of this event! See you again next time!

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