Girls in Gis Texas College Station Recap & Photos

GIGTX CollegeWhat better way to continue to spread your Valentine’s Day love, but with a Girls in Gis event? Thanks to Brazos Valley MMA in College Station, several girls were able to do just that on February 15.  With a total of forty-three women and girls in tote, including some from Louisiana, the girls were able to make this event a success.

gigtx college2GIG aims to create a community of women and girls that train.  By participating in these events, each girl and woman is contributing to this community and helping her fellow women grow.

There were several sets of mothers and daughters, and even a few that didn’t do BJJ “yet.” The participants, ranging all the way up to 48, started the event with warming up, followed by learning a half-guard reversal taught by Marlana and Chloe.  There was also a great flow drill that combined three transitions that fit just like a puzzle.

gigtx college1Finishing up a great day, the girls competed in physical challenge with awesome prizes care of Girls in Gis and BVMMA. Overall, the event was able to raise almost $200 for Restore Her (, and the girls walked away with more than just an awesome goodie bag from BVMMA, but with great memories.

Photos by Ember Solis

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