Girls in Gis Texas Abilene Recap & Photos

gigabilene2Zombie BJJ in Abilene, Texas became the stomping ground for many savages on January 30.  The first Girls in Gi’s event of 2016 welcomed this hoard of women that train to their facility. Several girls from all across this rural area came out for this event. Many who had never tried Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before.

Purple belt, Christy Wheeler, a long time Girls in Gis supporter hosted her first event. She led a warm up filled with fun, and grueling led pull ups. Then she shared a set ups for her favorite submission, The bow and arrow choke.

This event, which helped raise money for the Noah Project, welcomed several mother-daughter training partner. Taya and Veronica Martinez, Lizette and Neah Perez, and Ella and Kate Alvarez found some true sisterhood within training with each other.  In true Girl in Gis fashion, the women competed for sponsored goodies from Isagenix.  Congratulations to Ellan and Taya were the winners of this event.


This was one heck of a way to start off the year of Girls in Gis events. Thank you to Zombie BJJ, Christy and everyone for coming out. Keep an eye out for the next Girls in Gi event and spend some time with your sisters in the sport.

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