Girls in Gis San Antonio Recap & Photos

judoOn September 6th, 2015 Girls in Gis hosted it’s first Judo event in Texas. girls came together at Universal Judo to learn from Olympic hopeful black belt Nina Curto-Kelly.  Nina is nationally ranked #1 in her weight division and a coach at Universal Judo. Nina graciously shared her passion and wisdom for the art of Judo with experienced Judokas and Judo newcomers. There was 50% experienced Judokas and 50% Judo newcomers which worked out perfect for the paired technique. Not only did the newcomers get to get to expand their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game,  new friendships where foraged. Of the sixteen particpants four were kids one as young as five years old.

unnamed (74)The event began with a traditional Judo warm up suitable for females of all ages and skill levels. Some exercises where new to some, but essential for the Judo technique that was to follow. The warm up consisting of movement drills like duck walks, army crawls, and butt slides. Nina also instructed participants on how to do break falls from the back and side in order to prepare participants on how to correctly break our fall during the throws.For those who had little to no experience in Judo the most important technique was learning how to fall correctly. Something that will prevent injuries and ensure that you are able to train another day of Judo.

unnamed (92)Nina’s experience as a skilled Judoka and instructor made for an amazing event. The technique was a great introduction for newcomers and full of detailed technique for established Judokas. Nina taught a sequence of judo throws based on the opponents defensive actions. Throws where followed by a couple of ground techniques including a choke and sweep from the closed guard using an over hook to lock down the opponent’s same side arm.

No event is complete without some prizes. There were two physical challenges at the event. For the kids, there was a shrimping race where participants had to shrimp quickly from one end of the mat to the other. Zoe Farry won this race and took home a new Girls in Gis decal. For the adults, there was a duck walk race with a finals that pitted teammates Chantal and Mariah Holguin with each other. Chantal won and took home a Girls in Gis decal as well. Congrats to our Girls in Gis window decal winners!

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This was the first Judo event in the great state of Texas and won’t be our last. For those in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it is crucial to have an arsenal of take downs for competition and self defense purposes.  Judo among wrestling are the two most widely used and effective additions to your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. Instructors like Nina are one of a kind and learning for her was a special treat for everyone.

Big thanks to Nina Curto-Kelly and Universal Judo for your hospitality. Check these awesome photos for this event at:


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