Girls in Gis-River Oak Recap and Photos

On Sunday August 19th, thirty-two women and girls from twelve different academies throughout Texas, Kansas and New Mexico, came together on the mats at Genesis Jiu-Jitsu in River Oak, Texas. Energy was high since the day before many of the girls had competed at the F2W & WGC Europa Torque Tour and was eager to jump back on the mats and get to work. Andrea Keller, a resident blue belt at Genesis Jiu-Jitsu stepped up, and gave the girls a serious workout.

Keller, like several of the other women, had competed the day before. Among the competitors was special guest black belt Tammy Griego of Gracie Barra New Mexico. She won both the gi and no gi absolute at the F2W & WGC Europa Torque Tour. Although a guest at Girls in Gis, Griego gave Andrea a hand with the twelve little girls. The girls and parents were grateful for this unique opportunity to train with our visitor from New Mexico. One little girl even requested that Griego be flown out for the next GIG.

S7 Submission Grappling also stopped by to say hello and show us some cool stuff they are doing. It’s a revolutionary concept. With a top notch staff, new rules, state of the art scoreboards and tournament structure, S7 is evolving the sport to a new level. If you haven’t heard of them, you will soon. This weekend Aug 25th they will be in Oklahoma. Check them out!

S7 Oklahoma 2012

Resident blue belt Andrea Keller, typically quiet and soft spoken, exhibited stellar leadership abilities and willing shared her finely tuned set of BJJ tools. Keller confidently led the group of women ranging in ages and skill levels from white to black through a series of introductions, warm ups, drills, technique, timed rounds and then open mat. Keller’s insight and knowledge didn’t go unnoticed among the parents and participants. Her sweet smile and demeanor was contagious. GIG members left with a few new tricks for their bag, a few new friends and the perfect ending to a BJJ weekend adventure.

Thank you Genesis Jiu-Jitsu, Andrea Keller, Tammy Griego, S7 and all of you awesome Girls in Gis! See you at the next one! Details coming soon!

“Strength in Solidarity”

Girls in Gis

photos by Mean Streak Pix

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