Girls in Gis Nevada Las Vegas Event Recap & Photos

Girls-in-Gis-6431On September 27th, 2015 close to sixty females of all ages, skill levels and from affiliations in NV, CA, AZ, Canada, TN, Mexico and even as far as England came together to share this experience and learn from one of Austrailia’s gems. The event was held at Drysdal Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Las Vegas Nevada and let by Austrailia’s first female black belt Sophia Drysdale.This event marked the Nevada Girls in Gis chapter grand opening which will lead to many more events of its kind in the great state of Nevada in the coming future.  Many of the girls had competed in the IBJJF Master and Senior World Championships just the day prior. Bringing females together on an international level was truly a unique and amazing experience for all. It proved that our love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is something that can bring us together on a worldwide level.


Sophia led the warm up which consisted of stretches and movement and mobility drills to loosen up joints and prepare girls of for the spider guard technique to come. Sophia taught several spider guard techniques including a transition to a triangle and shooting for the triangle when the opponent is standing and switching to a sleeve and collar grip. Lastly Sophia shared some closed guard passing concepts such as how to keep a good posture and break grips. After the technique was taught, the ladies got to roll with each for 5 minutes rounds. It was a treat for many to be able to roll with the four black belts at the event which included Sophia Drysdale, Ronda Andrews, Christina Barry, and Rachel Morrison.

Thanks to our sponsors Fuji Sports, War Tribe, Detales and Phalanx there were several raffle prizes and physical challenges. Vickey Shearer won the armbar challengeby doing 53 armbars in 1 minute and won a War Tribe gi. Leilani Esteban won the headstand challenge for just over two minutes and earned a new Fuji gi. The kids had a shrimping race with Angela Viduya  winning a Girls in Gis rashguard.  We had several rash guards raffle prizes thanks to Phalanx. We also had tank top, tights and rash guard prizes thanks to Detales. The girls loved the swag and where very grateful for the prizes.

This event could not be possible if not for the support of Drysdale Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sophia Drysdale, Lana Hunter and Kristine Felts. Thank you for all your hard work in making this a great event. Thank you to our sponsors Wartibe, Fuji, Detales and Phalanx for your generosity and continued support.


It was a day of sisterhood. Kiana and Triesha Caoili, Joan and Evangeline Huerta, and sisters Kalei, Lehua and Raenette Sodaria would agree. There is no greater bonding experience than sharing your passion and love with like minded people. To have so many girls from so many backgrounds and georgraphic locations come together is unique and special. Definately not something that happens every day and something that everyone will remember forever. We look forward to many more events in Nevada. Keep an eye out for the next one!

 Check out these photos from the event:





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