Girls in Gis Midwest- Tulsa Recap & Photos

1470064_10153411989072122_1469121790160372914_nThe Girls in Gis of Tulsa, Oklahoma were out in full force last month. With 28 women on the mats, Purple belt Kim Blake taught a great self defense seminar at Apollo’s Martial Arts Academy. Kim showed the women, many of who had never attended a GIG event, how to defend against a hair grab, a headlock defense, and a weapon defense against guns.

11109445_10153412007007122_1997295092209898065_nThe girls finished up the session with a few friendly competitions. Starting with a solo race that involved bear crawling to one end, and shrimping back to finish. The partner challenge required quite a bit of leg strength. The pairs had to sit back to back like they were in a chair, and the last one sitting wins.

The community of women in Girls in Gis Oklahoma is growing and leaving a lasting impression among each other on the mat. Women of all ranks, some at their first event and others as returning veterans, are coming together to embody what it means to be a girl in a gi.

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Thank you to our photographers Elaine and Shannon. Thank you to Apollo Martial Arts and Kim Blake for hosting this GIG event.


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