Girls in Gis Midwest Owasso Oklahoma Recap & Photos

IMG_4338The sweetness of Valentines Day had some competition a week later when Girls in Gis hit Owasso, OK.  Thanks to Clinch Martial Arts, a total of forty-two girls were each other’s Valentines on the mats that day.

photo 1 (13)Almost half the girls in attendance had never been to a GIG event, and several were new to jiu jitsu all together.  While this may have been their first, it most definitely is not their last.  With girls ranging from beginner to brown belt, and even some that had taken time off, the event was full of laughter and friendship. The event started with warm ups, after which Tara did an exceptional job of teaching an Omoplata variation.  After, in true GIG fashion, there were two contests.  The girls had to shrimp down the mats and bear crawl back, which we all know “shrimpin’ ain’t easy.” After that the girls competed in headstand completion.  When it came down to the final two girls in a head to head battle of headstands, Summer Kraus willingly dropped her legs so that a younger girl could win.

IMG_4351The girls built some great connections through rolling with each other, some for the first time, and others with old friends.  Girls in Gis are thankful for the girls that sit in that circle and share their journey.  It’s a time when all the women in attendance can set the tone for why their here, and where they hope to go.  The feedback after the event was of a good day filled with love, triumph, and determination.  Thank you so much for participating, and making this day magnificent.

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