Girls in Gis Louisiana-Scott Recap & Photos

March 4, 2017 near the beautiful swamps of Louisiana Girls in Gis hosted its 3rd event in Louisiana at Gladiator’s Academy of Lafayette.  The event at Gladiator’s Academy of Lafayette helping to build strength and solidarity within the expanding community in the South.  Over 50 females attended, including Louisiana’s newest and 2nd female black belt Megan Burbante, and several brave first-timers came together to learn from guest instructors Aimee Olds and Claire David, both blue belts at Gladiator’s Academy of Lafayette.

Before breaking off into two groups based on skill levels, Aimee and Claire got our blood flowing with a warming up which included break falls, break falls to combat base, hip escapes, and rolls.  Claire instructed the more advanced group and starting with foot work leading into Kouchi Gari throw from both a square stance and regular stance.  The throw flowed into an inside knee pass to an arm bar.  Aimee instructed the more beginner group and started with a standing arm drag to set up the unicorn double leg takedown. From there she showed us how to transition with a leg drag to mount and finished with and Americana.

After the instruction, we had a fun 45 minutes of grappling consisting of four minute rounds pairing up with a new partner each time. Not only was this an amazing opportunity train with women our size and strength but also to making new friends.

This successful event was the first of many events in Lafayette, Louisiana. Girls in Gis Ambassador Caroline Vanek with the assistance of Monica Larriviere Champagne, Lisa Litrell, and Sidney Sherill, led the group to victory. The strength and unity among the girls at this event proved that together we are stronger. So far we are off to a great start and it is exciting to see what is to come in the Louisiana community. Thank you to Gladiator’s Academy of Lafayette for opening your doors to us. Thank you to Aimee Olds and Claire David for sharing your skills with us. Most of all thank you to all that spent their Saturday with us. We look forward to seeing you again!

Photography by Erin Guidry

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