Girls in Gis Colorado Littleton Recap & Photos

giglittletonGirls in Gis opened 2016 with its first event of the year back in Littleton Colorado with 28 ladies by the gracious hosts at Katharo BJJ on February 21st. Winter isn’t over, but things where heating up at Girls in Gis Colorado Littleton. Girls from all over Colorado came together for a day of love and empowerment.

There is no greater feeling than knowing you can defend yourself. The beauty of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is that sense of empowerment you get in knowing this. The sport aspect and self defense go hand in hand. Competing is a training ground for learning how to properly execute BJJ when in a tight spot. You learn how to keep calm when under pressure. A skill that could someday save your life.

giglittleton1Hosts/instructors Mary Knox (Purple Belt) and Cerissa taught some open guard attacks. She set up open guard then taught the girls how to bait and set up a triangle.  Jenifer Hordinski (Blue Belt) taught self-defense moves which included two choke escapes. One was if your attacker grabbed you with both of his hands to ring your neck. The other choke was against the wall one handed choke around the neck. Technique that is better to know than not know.

There is no greater joy than being around liked minded people that share the same passion and understand why we love doing what we do. These events are not only an opportunity to train together. We realize that their are others that are just as madly in love with the art. No matter what you’re focus of study is (sport or self defense) or where our paths may lead us we are all in this together. There is comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

giglittleton3Katharo BJJ made the first event of 2016 special for the women present.  With each and every occurrence, women everywhere know just how important this grassroots effort is and how far it has come.  These hosts provide those in attendance with absolute warmth and hospitality. Thank you to Katharo BJJ for opening their doors and supporting females in BJJ once again. Thank you to our hosts Mary, Cerissa and Jennifer for making this a wonderful event. We appreciate that everyone came out to be a part of this experience! See you again next time.

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