Girls in Gis 6th Anniversary in Denver Colorado Recap & Photos

DSC_0086On November 8th, 2015 Girls in Gis a mile above Girls in Gis Colorado kicked off the 6th Anniversary celebration in Denver Colorado. Close to sixty females of all ages, skill levels and from affiliations all across Colorado came together to celebrate the GIG 6th anniversary. The event was held at Easton Training Center in Denver, Colorado and led by  hosts Easton Training Center black belts Heather Schmitz and Rossie Snow along with Brown Belts Elizabeth Tran and Cheri Muraski.  It was a day of sisterhood, friendship and empowerment. There was no shortage of laughter, hugs and smiles on the mats.

DSC_0270Heather is one of Colorado’s most seasoned female black belts on the mats that day. She is a skilled athlete and experienced instructor. She graciously led the warm up for the entire group getting everyone ready for the instruction to come. After the warm up the girls where separated into four groups to get some one on one time with the guest instructors. Rossie’s group consists of beginners with experience ranging in their first day to just under one year.  Cheri took on the eager blue belts that were hungry to learn. She gave them some solid technique that we’re sure they will be drilling for the weeks to come. Liz’s group, which consist of more experienced practitioners, were taught some more advanced moves that where most certainly crowd pleasers. The kids were lucky to have Heather all to themselves. It was the first time any of them had trained with a black belt. It was important for them to see just how far you can go when you stick with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

DSC_0340After the technique the girls had earned it, they had their cake and ate it too. Lastly it was time for some giveaways! Who doesn’t love a raffle! Big thanks to our sponsors Girls Bring it BJJ, War Tribe Gear, DFKC, Kozamurai, Club Boost and Phalanx for being a part of this event and donating some awesome gear! Girls Bring it BJJ brought it. They generously donated close to 30 different prizes ranging from t-shirts to skate boards, mugs to athletic tape. Girls loved all of it! War Tribe has been on the war path coming out with one incredible gi after another. Girls where on edge to win one of their new limited edition gi. Kozamurai has one of the fiercest rash guards out there. As if one gi isn’t enough Club Boost graciously donated one of their Geisha gi and Club Boost rash guards. Last but not least, our friends at Phalanx donated two amazing rash guards in support of the event. Congratulations to all our raffle winners!

DSC_0478Last but not least was the physical challenges. The woman’s burpee challenge winner was Ciara Vanness who won with 42 burpees. The kid’s physical challenge winner and fastest bear crawls & crab walker was Ashley Terpstra. No one will leave empty handed. Everyone gets some Bring it BJJ swag which includes a sticker or poster.

DSC_0396At the Girls in Gis CO-Denver event we have partnered with SafeHouse Denver to raise much needed in-kind donations (food, clothing, personal hygiene items, house hold, art supplies and school supplies). We were honored to work with them for the fourth time in two years and support their efforts to assist victims of domestic violence. Their work is vital to the rehabilitation and advancement of these women and children’s lives.

DSC_0382Along side the Girls in Gis of Oklahoma Colorado kicked off the GIG 6th anniversary celebration with a bang. These were events that left smiles on the faces of girls that attended for weeks to come and memories they will charish for the rest of their lives. Friendships where forged, strengthened and unity was felt by all. Heather, Liz, Cheri and Rossie were amazing hosts and guest instructors that went above and beyond to make sure fun was had by all. This event could not be possible if not for the support of Easton Training Center, Heather, Liz, Cheri, Rossie and all of our sponsors. Thank you to all of our sponsors for their generosity and awesome giveaways. Thank you all for joining us for this event This was a very special event because of the contribution of everyone. Together we can make a bigger difference than alone. Strength in Solidarity. See you next time!

 Check out these photos from the event:

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