Product Review: First War Tribe Female Gi Gets Girls in Gis Stamp of Approval

wartribeblogGirls in Gis had the pleasure of working with War Tribe Gear to help develop their first female gi. Over a period of several months GIG worked closely with War Tribe to develop a durable and stylish gi for all females. Not only is the gi durable and stylish, but affordable and one of the best decisions War Tribe made  was that this female gi can be ordered in separate sizes for top and bottom to accommodate females of all shapes and sizes. And it comes with a guarantee! If it doesn’t fit perfectly you can qualify for a $20 alteration credit! You can’t beat that.

Our writer Audee  had a chance to check out the War Tribe Gear gi for the first time ever had never seen the gi or had any part in the product development process. Check out what she had to say about the War Tribe Gear female gi.

IMG_6067“At first touch the honeycomb weave gi is extremely soft, and lightweight. Coming in at 5’8” and weighing about 170, I ordered the w3, and the pants were a perfect fit. I am not lacking in the hip width area, and the w3 didn’t feel tight or pull.  The pants have double enforced stitching, and the knee reinforcement extends down to the shin.  They have the stretchy rope drawstring, which I prefer.  The pants sit right at ankle length, and have a competition cut ripstop.

The lapel on the jacket is definitely durable which can be beneficial during a competition.  Having sold out of the W2, I ordered the W3 top.  Although the sleeves were a little long, it just took one run through the washer and dryer they shrunk down to size and was a perfect fit. The jacket is lightweight, and durable.


I rolled in the solid blue gi.  I was afraid that it might bleed a little my first roll, but the color stayed intact.  When I roll I sometimes trouble with gis giving too much at getting big at the knees, but the reinforcement kept that to a minimum.  The embroidery on the gi is done very nicely, giving this gi an overall clean look.”

War Tribe Gear has already sold out of their first run of the War Tribe Gear female gi. Their second order has almost done the same. Check out all the stylish options and order yours today at



audeeAudee Salinas

Girls in Gis staff writer

“Ariana is an English teacher out of Austin, Texas. She loves coffee, wearing skirts, and trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out of Gracie Humaita- Austin”


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