All I want for Christmas

I was cleaning my office the other day when I came across some previous Christmas wish lists. A while back in my marriage it was easier to write down ideas for my husband than to try and hide the shock and confusion for his previous gifts. I love him dearly and I should be thankful for his thoughtfulness, but seriously you would have questioned his choices too. If he reads this, it may dredge up past arguments, but I am willing to address those issues to help other spouses of jiu-jitsu practitioners.

As I was going over my lists they seemed normal enough until I got to relating them to bjj. I had found a wonderful pair of earrings at a jewelry store. Trust me they were gorgeous! I was about to put them on the list again when I thought, well I would just have to take them out before class and hope I didn’t forget and lose them. Same with the necklace and rings that I saw in a different jewelry store.

Next item was a pasta maker for my mixer. Yes! We can have homemade pasta anytime. Oh wait, I’m not home enough to make pasta that often because of bjj class, and tournaments, and MMA fights.

The final item I was going to put on my list was some heavenly scented bath salts. Then I got to thinking, why would I do that when I use that when they don’t contain Epson salt? Trust me I need the Epson salt baths after a hard week of bjj.

So what is on my list this year? I will tell you and then you can pass it along to your significant others if they lack in the gifting department.

  1. A new gi. Who couldn’t use a new gi? My favorite gi comes from Da Firma Kimono. They have unique sizes for the bigger bjj person.
  2. Rash guards. I like funky designs myself.
  3. I doubt anyone would get into trouble for giving laundry soap. Particularly if it was Defense laundry soap. We don’t want to be the stinky gi person at our gym.
  4. A duffle bag to carry my gi, change of clothes and other items. It needs to be big and have multiple pockets.
  5. I live by Epson Salt, Dr. Teals has lots of variety of scents.
  6. Tape. Lots of tape. As with the rash guards, I like funky designs. Dick Sporting Goods has all sorts of designs and solid colors of tape. Or has smaller cut tape for taping fingers and toes.
  7. A foam roller. The foam roller at the gym is my friend!
  8. Private lessons with the professor.
  9. I hate to end on an odd number, but a bjj training camp get away would also be a welcome gift as well. Especially to Hawaii….hint hint hint.

I hope whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be filled with happiness and peace and of course lots of jiu-jitsu! Happy training!

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Kim Morris is a blue belt with Combative Sport Center in Manhattan, Kan., under Joe Wilk. She has been practicing jiu jitsu since November of 2013. She is a wife of 21 years and a mom of two boys, ages 19 and 10.

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