10 things you should know about training while pregnant

Pregnancy and jiu jitsu; jiu jitsu while pregnant; it’s a topic I’ve seen many women discuss.

Do I need to stop training? Will someone squish my baby? Will people still spar with me? I’m too fatigued to train. Will my crazy hormones make me snap at my partners or cry on the mats? These are legitimate concerns that women have. Here are ten things you should know about training if you are pregnant.


1.  You might need a bigger gi, belt or no-gi gear toward the end of pregnancy. Your belly, hips and breasts will be growing

2. Have snacks on hand (preferably healthy ones). Hunger pains are real.

3. If you can’t spar, you can always drill. If you cant drill, you can always watch class and learn.

4. You will be emotional and moody.

5. Your belly will eventually effect your mobility.

6. Your breasts will grow and be sore. Get a good bra and tough it out. On the plus side, having no period for 9 months is awesome! That’s one less thing to worry about.

7. Fatigue will set in during the first trimester. You will feel winded easier than normal. It’s frustrating, but you’re working for two people now.

8. Pick advanced sparring partners who have more control over the situations.

9. Listen to your body. If something is uncomfortable, don’t do it. Tap early and tap often. Please don’t try to be tough when you are pregnant.

10. Continuing to train is your decision, (and your doctor’s decision).



Mindy Yager

Girls in Gis writer

Mindy Yager and her husband, Lance Yager, own Select Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Waco, Texas. Mindy is a purple belt who teaches several days a week, mainly focusing on the Youth and Junior Jiu Jitsu classes. She has a 2-yr-old son who has been training jiu jitsu since he was in the womb. Mindy has a degree in journalism from Baylor University and a blog called Jits My Life (link is jitsmylife.wordpress.com)

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