Monthly Archives: August 2017

It’s OK To Be Picky When Picking Partners 3

It could be said that a bjj black belt is partially paid for with pieces of your body.   While injuries naturally accumulate over time in any sport, it is still important to protect ourselves the best we can.  This means constantly improving technique, actually resting when injured, and picking good […]

How ‘Bout Them Dames

What makes one a leader in this sport?  Being an upper belt?  Being a beast on the mat?  Meh, sure.  We should also consider those natural born leaders who see a need and provoke their own call to service.  Leadership is not a position…it is your ability to influence.  Torrie […]

Finding Your Fight Family

My recent move to Denver Colorado left me excited yet apprehensive. I spent two months searching for the right gym for me in Denver. While I have not found a gym that will replace my Austin community, I have found that it’s important to persist in martial arts and keep […]