Girls in Gis Ambassador Programs

Girls in Gis is a community based organization dedicated to providing leadership opportunities for females in the grappling arts. Our Girls in Gis ambassador program are designed to teach leadership skills training in areas like: team building, strategic planning, decision making, public speaking, marketing, community building and much more. Our ambassadorship program teaches valuable insights designed to enrich women’s lives on and off the mats. Unlike most leadership training programs we pay you! All ambassadorship programs are profit sharing.

Brand Ambassadors are individuals that assist in spreading the movement through online marketing. Help bring awareness to the Girls in Gis movement, programs, products, fundraisers and all things Girls in Gis.  Get your own Girls in Gis 15% off code to share with friends and family and earn cash on every sale you refer.

Benefits include:

$20 per new customer

15% all orders

Commission on every sale referred

Girls in Gis Ambassadors are individuals that are enrolled in our leadership program. They act on behalf of the organization and take on leadership roles in their community through Girls in Gis activities. Their role within the community is not only to lead the movement but to bring representation to the women and girls within their community. Through their leadership they are able to build and strengthen their community as a whole. Girls in Gis ambassadors are taught valuable life leadership skills that are designed to enrich their lives on and off the mats. Girls in Gis ambassadors enjoy the same benefits as Brand Ambassadors in addition to other program specific rewards.

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