Keeping It In The Family

For some who were raised in a family business, the last thing you want to do when you grow up is continue the legacy. For the Ramsden family that is furthest from the truth.  Suzanne Ramsden’s daughter Julia Ramsden and son Evan Ramsden started off as assistant instructors a few […]

That’s So Sic 1

In the intricate quilt that is the Brazilian JiuJitsu community, you will find that we have all been part of something that is bigger than we are, come from something that makes us unique, or experienced something that makes those around us ask, “how did you accomplish all of that?”  The […]

Building Character Through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

When it comes to Martial Arts Kelley Perotti is no stranger. She has around twenty one years experience and counting. She began her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training seventeen years ago. She says that she has always enjoyed the evolution of practical martial arts and was lucky to have been introduced […]

At The Top of Her Game

When it comes to female black belts, Jena Bishop, of Gracie Humaita San Diego, seems to be the talk of the town. She has won not just one, not just two, but three double golds this year- in Master Worlds, Pan Ams and Europeans. With these new feats on her […]

It’s OK To Be Picky When Picking Partners 2

It could be said that a bjj black belt is partially paid for with pieces of your body.   While injuries naturally accumulate over time in any sport, it is still important to protect ourselves the best we can.  This means constantly improving technique, actually resting when injured, and picking good […]

How ‘Bout Them Dames

What makes one a leader in this sport?  Being an upper belt?  Being a beast on the mat?  Meh, sure.  We should also consider those natural born leaders who see a need and provoke their own call to service.  Leadership is not a position…it is your ability to influence.  Torrie […]

Finding Your Fight Family

My recent move to Denver Colorado left me excited yet apprehensive. I spent two months searching for the right gym for me in Denver. While I have not found a gym that will replace my Austin community, I have found that it’s important to persist in martial arts and keep […]