Learning The Difference Between Losing and Learning 1

Melissa Myers is one of those women that if she puts her mind to something she will do it and do it well. Five years ago, just one year after the birth of her second son, Myers began her Martial Arts journey.  This small step opened a whole new door […]

Spring into Summer 7 Day Meal Plan with SophiaFIT

Summer is here, and if you’re like me, you may be carrying a few extra pounds from winter. And, much like me, you probably want to shed those pounds. But with all the fad diets out there, how do you know what will work for your body type? We hear […]

Live in the Moment 1

Nathalia Azoff Amaral is no stranger to the world of Martial Arts, but it was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where she found true happiness.  Azoff Amaral is one of Massachusetts most accomplished female black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She has gone from grappling among the best of the best to […]

Think Jiu-Jitsu Game 1

If Twister and Trivial Pursuit ever had a baby, it would turn out to be something like Think Jiu-Jitsu Game. I have been using this game for the last couple of weeks in the Kid’s program at our academy, for Women’s Self-Defense, and have played in place of some of […]

When the Competitor Becomes the Teacher-Samantha Faulhaber

To say that Samantha Faulhaber, a four-time World Jiu-Jitsu Championship finalist, is an accomplished competitor is an understatement. Faulhaber, a Philadelphia-based black belt with Gracie Humaita, started off in jiu-jitsu as a competitor, but she later found her passion in teaching. Faulhaber has trained and taught around the world, including […]

One of the Most Determined Women in Jiu-Jitsu-Jen Hall

If we were to hand out awards to one of the strongest and most determined women in jiu-jitsu, Jen Hall would be a sure-fire winner. Hall, who was first introduced to jiu-jitsu in 2004 while training taekwondo in college, has faced multiple injuries in her jiu-jitsu journey, but throughout it […]

A Jiu Jitsu Fairy Tale Ending-Liz Sussan

As the saying goes: we sometimes find exactly what we’re looking for when we least expect it. Liz Sussan can relate to that. Sussan had no idea how much her life would change when she met her boyfriend. Not only did she meet her soulmate, but the whole trajectory of […]

I Train Because I Love BJJ-Maia Matalon

Every woman’s jiu-jitsu journey is unique. Case in point: Maia Matalon, a long-time grappler who cut her teeth years ago on her high school wrestling team. The Northern California native later starting training judo in college. She soon realized her favorite part of judo was “newaza,” also known as grappling. […]

Combating Teen Angst with Jiu Jitsu-Taylor Danielle Segovia

Our awkward teenage years can be some of the most challenging times of our lives. While battling sometimes out-of-control hormones and peer pressure, our teen years are spent trying to find our place in the world. For Taylor Danielle Segovia, now 21, jiu-jitsu became an essential tool to help her […]

The Evolution of Female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitors 2

It was only 32 years ago, in 1985, that women were allowed to compete for the first time at the Rio de Janeiro federation thanks to Yvone Duarte, the first ever female black belt. Later in 1998, women’s divisions were added to tournaments at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, […]